Samuel Schwartz was a member of the then famous covert team the Metal Men during World War III.

While serving for the Metal Men, Schwartz was the second-in-command of his commander and close friend Marcus Moore.

Schwartz and the Metal Men served during the Czech War in 1968 and were given the mission in procuring a Red Tornado chemical warhead captured by the Czech resistance in Prague, in order to broker peace between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Metal Men met their resistance contact Martina Zelenka, also known as Raven, in directing them to the warhead. Schwartz was immediately enamored in Zelenka. Once they discovered the Red Tornado, Moore intended on having the warhead launched at Moscow to quickly end the war; however, Schwartz was morally opposed to his commander's change of plans as he wouldn't stand for unleashing that kind of weapon on a civilian population. Both Schwartz and Moore had their conviction and were willing to kill each other for them. But, Schwartz was very reluctant to kill his friend, in which Moore conversely intend to kill Schwartz but only to be shot in the head by Zelenka, saving Schwartz's life in the process.[1]

President Schwartz and Raven (Earth-9)

President Sam Schwartz and his wife First Lady Martina Zelenka.

Schwartz and the Metal Men safely delivered the Red Tornado into American hands and successfully ending the war. The Metal Men soon disbanded, in which Schwartz married Martina Zelenka, went into politics, and eventually becoming President of the United States. During his tenure in office, Schwartz remained unaware that his government is secretly controlled by the shadow government Nightwing, which is led by a very much alive Marcus Moore.

While in office, Schwartz was concerned of the emerging population of superhumans such as the third Atom and the Flash. When learning that China had perfected in creating their superhuman known as Powergirl, Schwartz dispatched his wife, John Holliday, and Rey Quinones in a covert mission in bringing Powergirl back to America. However, Powergirl refused to align herself to anyone and left on her terms.[2]

By the time of the Superman's rule over Earth, Schwartz has since retired from office.




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