Quote1.png Mirror Master. Attention seeker. When he's not looking in the mirror, he's controlling them. Quote2.png
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Mirror Master was one of the original members of the Rogues led by Captain Cold.

When the Rogues had decided they have had enough of being technologically reliant on their devices, the Rogues worked with Dr. Darwin Elias to rewrite their weapon's powers into their own DNA. However, during the experiment they were all caught in the explosion that combined their weapons into their DNA. Scudder became permanently infused in the Mirror World and was unable to escape.[1]

Later, Scudder's girlfriend appeared in astral form and recruited the Rogues back together and Scudder agreed to join.[2][3] The new Rogues attacked Dr. Elias during one of his presentations. Scudder provided the escape route for the Rogues' plan to hijack the green-powered monorail.[1] The sudden arrival of Gorilla Grodd, the Flash, and an angry ex-leader Captain Cold foiled their plans.[4]

Later, Scudder and Lisa remained reclusive compared to the rest of the Rogues. With Lisa and Sam both being unable to connect with the real world, they devised the plan to use Lisa's astral form to pull him out of the Mirror World. Against her brother's warnings, Lisa continued with the strategy and released Scudder from his imprisonment in the Mirror World. The result left Lisa's astral form missing and Cold upset at the situation.[5]

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