"The Mist: Act Three": Frederic talks to his newfound friend from the docks. It turns out this friend is a Nazi sympathizer who wants to recruit Frederic and take down the Jewish Mob. Frederic's friend takes Frederic to a Nazi collaboration meeting called the Fifth Column which is being held by

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Dian Belmont

Sandman Mystery Theatre #39 is an issue of the series Sandman Mystery Theatre (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1996.

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Synopsis for "The Mist: Act Three"

Frederic talks to his newfound friend from the docks. It turns out this friend is a Nazi sympathizer who wants to recruit Frederic and take down the Jewish Mob. Frederic's friend takes Frederic to a Nazi collaboration meeting called the Fifth Column which is being held by a Mr. Slowey. Frederic tries to express to Slowey that neither he or his father agree with the Nazis but Slowey makes a convincing argument. Slowey tells Frederic that zionism still lingers in America and its quite possible that the Jewish union leaders purchased the services of a US submarine to sink the New Hope. Frederic becomes enthralled by Slowey's statements and zeal. Eventually every member including Frederic stand up and pledge their allegiance to Hitler.

Dian Belmont does some digging around for her father in regards to the Jewish Mob controlling the docks. She managed to find one connection. The arrest report of union foreman Gurlick was convicted of taking money from the Cohen family and reported them capital as bonus checks. Dian also found tax filings that show twelve other employees who received similar unaccountable payments. Dian mentions to her father that she is close to establishing a link between the mob and the courts. After work, Dian heads to Wesley's home and asks him if he is willing to do a little surveillance at the Flamingo Club.

Ted Knight meets Wesley at his home to talk more about his energy device and how it can cleanly cut through any matter like iron. Wesley shows Ted a piece of the wreckage from Lugamo's plane. Ted can't deny the precision of the shearing but the technology used to cause this sabotage was entirely different from Ted's cosmic battery. Ted suspects that the shearing from this particular piece would have been done while the plane was in flight because acid would have left some kind of residue while delaying the eventual wreckage. Ted asks to take the piece of wreckage with him to analyze further while Dian and Wesley head to the Flamingo Club.

Wesley manages to sneak up to Cohen's office at the Flamingo Club and overhears Cohen's conversation with "Happy" Meyer. Wesley learns that Cohen and Meyer had hired Smythe to sabotage Lugamo's plane but Cohen is complaining that Smythe is getting expensive to hire. Meyer informs Cohen that Smythe isn't willing to sell and suggests that they should eliminate Smythe in order to take possession of the device. Cohen tells Meyer to hold off until Smythe has perfected the device then remove Smythe from the equation. Cohen's next targets are the meat packers union and a Rabbinical salesman. Wesley's surveillance is interrupted by two of Cohen's thugs who spot Wesley outside of Cohen's office. Wesley grabs a trash can and quickly throws it at the thugs before making his escape. Wesley runs to the car and Dian guns it down the street. When they returned to Wesley's home, Dian expressed how aroused she was by the gunshots and the car barreling down the streets that she pushes Wesley onto the bed and begins to have sex with him.

Smythe meets with a Jewish salesman who has acquired pure platinum but the salesman increased his agreed upon offer of five thousand dollars to seven thousand. Smythe was angered by the salesman's attempt to cheat him and salesman's bodyguard who resembled an able bodied rabbi, tells Smythe to pay the salesman or to get out. Smythe pulls out a gun and attempts to rob the salesman but the salesman's son Saul whacks Smythe in the back of the head. The salesman, his son and the associate tell Smythe to leave the salesman's shop and to never return. Smythe swears to them that they haven't heard the last of him.

Ted meets with Wesley during the second round of proposals at the military committee and asks Wesley to bring Dian to the Cotton Club where he can divulge his findings about the cog from the Lugamo's plane wreckage. At the Cotton Club, Ted explains to both Wesley and Dian that metals get their strength from the way their molecules are arranged. Metals have varying patterns of molecular sheeting which account for their strength as well as potential weaknesses. The cog from the wreckage is made of steel with natural rifts which is why manufacturers use it. This cog was so cleanly sheared that the fracture had to have occurred on a molecular level. In other words, Smythe's device agitates the molecules in anything until their bonds simply unlock. Afterwards, Ted asks Dian to join him in the Fox Trot dance and Wesley is left feeling jealous. Dian makes it up Wesley by having sex with him in the limo while Humphries lowers the curtain for their privacy.

Smythe approaches Meyer because he has become short of funds since his altercation with the salesman. Smythe asks Meyer if Cohen has any jobs that pay two thousand dollars more than his useful fee. Meyer mentions one particular task that could pay out what Smythe is asking for. Meyer gives a piece of paper to Smythe and tells him to demolish a building near a synagogue. Smythe is driven to a location nearby the synagogue. Smythe pulls out the paper and notices that the address has become smeared due to the runny ink that Meyer used. Smythe attempts to make it out and calms his nerves by drinking from his flask. Smythe then activates his machine and tears down the foundation of the building that he thinks is his intended target.

To be continued next issue.


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