"The Doll's House (Part II): Moving In": On the advice of her new-found grandmother Unity Kincaid, Rose Walker moves into an apartment in Florida with a number of eccentric housemates. In addition to Hal

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Sandman (Volume 2) #11 is an issue of the series Sandman (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1989.

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Synopsis for "The Doll's House (Part II): Moving In"

On the advice of her new-found grandmother Unity Kincaid, Rose Walker moves into an apartment in Florida with a number of eccentric housemates. In addition to Hal - her cross-dressing landlord, Barbie and Ken - a yuppie couple, Zelda and Chantal - a pair of collectors of dead spiders, and Gilbert - a so far unseen man of British descent, Rose has been frequently visited by a raven.

In a dream, Rose's long-lost brother Jed dreams of being taken flying by Hector Hall and his wife Lyta. However, the pleasant air of the dream is fouled by the appearance of Brute and Glob, and Jed falls to the ground. The boy wakes in a dark boiler room and feels his way along the wall, urinating into a corner, and then returning to sleep.

Rose writes back to her mother and grandmother, updating them on her progress in finding her brother. She has discovered that her father died, forcing Jed to live with their grandfather, Ezra Paulsen; a lighthouse keeper. Four years ago, Ezra Paulsen drowned, and she has not yet found out what happened to Jed as a result.

In the Dreaming, Dream calls his raven, Matthew to his side. Matthew has been spying on Rose for him, with the knowledge that as a vortex, she will soon attract the four errant members of the major arcana that have gone missing. Matthew reports that Rose is seeking her younger brother, and Dream takes an interest. He tasks Matthew with finding a picture of the boy so that the Lord of Dreams can find him.

Later, Rose attends one of Hal's drag revues, and thinking it would be safe, she uses the shortcut through the alley back to her apartment. Unfortunately, at midnight, it is not so safe, and a group of thugs accost her with intent to rob and then rape her. Fortunately, an imposing figure appears and pulls out a sword, scaring the thugs off. It turns out that this man is Gilbert. Congenially, the portly Brit offers to walk Rose home.

One day, Rose convinces Hal to teach her some of the dance moves from his act, but she becomes distracted when she catches the raven stealing her photo of her younger brother. Afterwards, Gilbert interrupts to inform them that the private investigators that Rose called have found her brother. She rushes out to pick up the phone as Matthew returns to Dream with the photo.

In Alabama, the Corinthian, having recently murdered two more people, makes a call to a person called Nimrod, hoping to arrange a meeting in Georgia between like-minded individuals - killers.

Meanwhile, the private investigators have determined that Jed is living somewhere in Georgia, and Rose plans to go off in search of him. Gilbert insists on accompanying her, noting that perhaps she is not prepared for the sort of situations she'll be in. Situations like the other night when he had to save her life. Reluctantly she agrees. On the road, she explains that Jed is apparently living with her second cousin Clarice on a farm. They're claiming nearly $800 per month from the state for him, so she hopes they're using it to take good care of him. Of course, Jed is actually chained to a pipe in a dark basement, trapped in a nightmare.

Dream locates the boy, and realizes that Brute and Glob have actually managed to sneak into Jed's mind to hide there. They have severed him from the Dreaming, breaking the laws of the Lord of Dreams. Dawning his helm, he prepares to resolve the situation.


  • Dedicated to the memory of Inell Jones.


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