"Season of Mists: Epilogue": In Hell, the angels Remiel and Duma watch as the damned and demons begin their return.

Quote1 That was the old Hell. That was a place of mindless torture and purposeless pain. There will be no more wanton violence; no further suffering inflected without reason or explanation. Quote2

Sandman (Volume 2) #28 is an issue of the series Sandman (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 1991.

Appearing in "Season of Mists: Epilogue"

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  • Loki (as Susano-o-no-Mikoto)

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Synopsis for "Season of Mists: Epilogue"

In Hell, the angels Remiel and Duma watch as the damned and demons begin their return.
In the Dreaming, Dream finally meets with Nada, the woman who chose death rather than to join him as his queen. He had been so vindictive at this rejection that he had condemned her to Hell for thousands of years. Now, appearing to her as Kai'ckul, he welcomes her to his chambers. Awkwardly, he offers an apology for his hastiness, but his confession of guilt is halfhearted. Nada sees through his flimsy apology and condemns his attempt, slapping him across the face. Angrily he begins to threaten her until he realizes that nothing he could do to her now is worse than what he already has done to her. Finally, he relents, and offers a sincere apology. After a pause, Nada accepts.

With that out of the way, Dream once again offers her a place at his side in the Dreaming. As in the past, Nada refuses, and reminds him that he could leave his post, if he wanted. Dream will not leave his responsibilities, and so the old lovers are at an impasse. Ultimately, they will have to decide what to do with Nada, if she will not stay with Dream.

Later, Dream catches Susano-o-no-Mikoto attempting to leave the Ghost Castle without saying goodbye. Dream correctly guesses that this is not Susano-o-no-Mikoto at all, but Loki, who has switched places with the Japanese god in order to escape eternal torture beneath the surface of the earth. Meanwhile, the real deity will be subjected to that punishment. Dream cannot allow this to continue, though he does not necessarily see a need to return Loki to his fate. He proposes a deal in which he creates a dream image of Loki, allowing both gods to go free and have no one be any the wiser.

Elsewhere, Cluracan prepares to leave the castle with his sister Nuala. However, he has not yet informed his sister that she is not going to be leaving. Dream arrives, and Cluracan explains that Nuala was meant as a gift from the faerie queen whether he accepted their deal or not. As such, it would not bode well for anybody if Dream refuses to accept her as a gift. Dream is no happier with the arrangement than the distressed Nuala is, but he begrudgingly accepts. He prepares quarters for her, but before he allows her to stay, he demands that she dispel the glamour she uses to appear attractive to others. Reduced to her true fairy form, Nuala and her brother part ways.

Later, Dream and Nada prepare for their plan. He promises her that he will still care about her, and remember her for all time. She wonders if she will remember that he still cares, and he admits that she will not. He ushers her toward a bright light, and on the other side, she is reborn in Hong Kong as an infant. Dream visits her in the hospital, and promises that he will never forget her.

On a beach in Perth, Australia, a man approaches Lucifer. Lucifer is enjoying the sunset from a deck chair, and the man joins him, admiring the beauty of that sunset. After the man leaves, Lucifer cannot help but admit to the Creator that the sunsets are beautiful.

In Hell, Remiel stops a demon from torturing one of the damned, warning that Hell is no longer a place of mindless torture and violence, but a place of redemptive punishment. While the demon shall proceed in his torture, the purpose will be different. This hell will be one of redemption and correction. He ignores the victim's cry that the change just makes the torture all the worse.

Elsewhere, Destiny closes the chapter of his book, seeing the fate of Hell dealt with, and Dream's role in that complete.


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