"The Golden Boy": While taking a break from the stories going around at the World's End Inn, Brant Tucker encounters a man who tells him yet another tale of a man from one of many different Americas.

Quote1.png Oh, different things to different people. It depends who you are. And you never get to learn what happens to anyone else. But you? Well, you're kind of a special case, anyway. Quote2.png

Sandman (Volume 2) #54 is an issue of the series Sandman (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1993.

Synopsis for "The Golden Boy"

While taking a break from the stories going around at the World's End Inn, Brant Tucker encounters a man who tells him yet another tale of a man from one of many different Americas.

Prez Rickard grew up knowing that the pledge of allegiance meant more than just words to recite. He took initiative in all things, eventually setting right every clock in his home town of Steadfast. Not long after, Congress voted to allow 18-year-olds the vote, and then lowered the age limit for the presidency to 18 years old as well.

One day, a strange man named Boss Smiley appeared to Prez, and offered him the presidency in exchange for his servitude. Prez declined, vowing to win the presidency on his own. He was well on his way too, and one night, he received a visit from Richard Nixon. The president warned him of the challenges that presidents face. However, Prez disagreed with Nixon's belief that the presidency is all about power. Prez wanted to make a real difference in the world.

One great day, Prez was elected to the presidency just shy of his twentieth birthday. In his new position of power, he made many changes and did a lot of good. One night, he was approached again by Boss Smiley, who asked whether Prez intended to run for re-election. Prez warns him off, having done his research, and found that Boss Smiley has no record anywhere. Smiley warns that perhaps it would be unhealthy to run for re-election. Prez considers this a threat, but Boss Smiley disappears before his eyes.

Prez did run for re-election, and soon he became engaged to his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, she was assassinated by a woman who had been obsessed with Ted Grant. Despite her crime, Prez offered the woman clemency, but she opted for the electric chair, and was executed. One night, much later, Prez has another encounter with Boss Smiley, who offered to bring back Prez's murdered bride-to-be in exchange for servitude. Again, Prez refused, and he finished out his final term in relative quiet.

Prez returned to his home town, and was rarely seen again, especially after he left home again. Rumours spread about sightings of Prez across the country up until his death, about which even more wild rumours were spread.
The man pauses in his story, and offers the next portion to be what he believes happened after Prez died: Death came and took him to Heaven, commenting that this is merely one heaven of many, and it is run by one who is not necessarily the creator.

After passing through the gates, Prez found himself face to face again with Boss Smiley, who ruled this version of Heaven as well. This led Prez to realize the true nature of the many worlds, and he decided that he would rather simply travel between worlds for eternity. Boss Smiley attempted to prevent this, but suddenly, Dream appeared, and offered his protection, allowing Prez to spend the rest of time moving between worlds and offering help to those in need.

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Supporting Characters:

  • Dream (Flashback only)
  • Death (Flashback only)
  • Brant Tucker


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  • World's End
  • Steadfast (Flashback only)
  • Heaven (Flashback only)
  • Dreaming (Flashback only)




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