Sandra was the girlfriend of Michael Smith and stayed with him at his apartment in Pacific City.

For more than six months, Sandra had been carrying on an affair with Michael's best friend, Joe. When Michael was rendered brain dead after an encounter with the serial killer known as the Head, Sandra stayed at his hospital bedside. She gave the attending physicians permission to pull the plug on Michael, but as luck would have it, the Enigma appeared within the room and resuscitated him. Gifted with a new lease on life, Michael became obsessed with answering the riddle of the Enigma, and took off for Texas to find the creator of the original Enigma comic books, Titus Bird. With Michael gone, Sandra resumed her affair with Joe. Michael soon returned to her, but he only stayed long enough to tell her that he was breaking up with her; at least for a little while. Sandra couldn't understand Michael's sudden demeanor. As he left, she told him that she loved him, but Michael wasn't convinced. He believed that she in fact could not stand the idea of him no longer loving her.



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