The cousin of Ted Knight, the Starman, Sandra Knight was one of the first female superheroes. Lacking any special powers, Knight relied on her skimpy costume, wits, and intelligence to distract and fight criminals. Still, she fought well and made a decent name for herself as a member of first the All-Star Squadron and then the Freedom Fighters.

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Later, Sandra became pregnant by then-boyfriend Iron Munro. She gave birth to a son, Walter. As Munro was unwilling to accompany her to a home for unwed mothers, Sandra instead convinced Al Pratt (then known as the Atom), to go with her, and his name was given for the father. Years later, Walter murdered his wife and was sent to jail; their daughter Kate went into the foster care system.


When Walter later broke out of prison and developed superpowers, Kate decided to find out about her lineage. With help from Doctor Mid-Nite, she learned that Sandra Knight was her grandmother, leading to a meeting between them.





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