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Sandra "Sandy" Knight was a senator's daughter and wealthy socialite who fought crime and espionage in the early 1940s, as the Phantom Lady.

She lived in an apartment,[1] at One Barclay Boulevard, Washington, D.C.[2]

Miss Knight's fiancé Don Borden worked at the U.S. State Department's Counter-Espionage Division. He frequently was a source of valuable tip-offs and clues for the Phantom Lady's vigilante career.



  • The Phantom Lady's "Black Lantern" cast a cone of "thick black light", and was typically used to blind her adversaries. The device resembled an ordinary flashlight, and was not built into a set of wrist bands, unlike that of the Earth-Two Phantom Lady.
  • Also unlike her Earth-Two counterpart, this Phantom Lady's costume had no "Black Ray Goggles", or any other kind of mask. She could see into the black-light cone from the outside, and relied on skill to operate inside it, when necessary.


  • sleek roadster


  • Black Lantern
    • The origin of this device is untold, but it is strongly implied that Sandra invented it. In her earliest recorded adventure, she was able to repair the device after it got shot out of her hand.[6]
    • Phantom Lady also had a pair of these lamps built into the taillights of her sleek black roadster.[6]

  • The Freedom Fighters were relocated to a parallel world, one called "Earth-X", where Nazi Germany had won World War II. The team was featured in its own series for 15 issues (1976–1978), in which it temporarily left Earth-X for "Earth-One" (where most DC titles are set).
  • In 1981, some Quality Characters became recurring guest-stars of All-Star Squadron, a superhero-team title set on "Earth-Two", the locale for DC's WWII-era superheroes, and at a time prior to when the Freedom Fighters were supposed to have left for Earth-X. They later appeared with the rest of DC's superheroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, a story that was intended to eliminate the confusing histories that DC had attached to its characters by retroactively merging the various parallel worlds into one. The Freedom Fighters became a mere splinter group of the All-Star Squadron.
  • This version of the Phantom Lady lived in the Quality Universe. She never met nor joined the All-Star Squadron nor the Freedom Fighters.


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