Quote1 What do you know of justice? Behind bars or beyond them, these people never change. As long as they live, Gotham is stained. Quote2
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Police records are thin, but indications are that Shiva is a highly highly trained and extremely dangerous assassin. Rumor is that she selects many of her targets simply to test her skills. There are no known survivors from those encounters. The threat she represents cannot be underestimated.

Shiva was one of the eight assassins hired by the Joker to kill Batman. She lured Batman in with the sound of a baby crying. As Batman went to investigate, she struck. Being blocked by the Bat, she told Batman that there was a man that was going to die and presented him with the opportunity to save him. Later in Wonder Tower, she fought Batman, the battle was well fought but she was defeated. She told Batman that "her master" wished he would join them in their quest to rid Gotham of the crime that filled the streets by killing anyone who represented such crime, but Batman refused. She left Wonder Tower but nothing is known of her whereabouts after that.




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