Quote1 Any brute can kill. The skills needed to employ a club or gun are easily obtained. I am a true master of the lethal arts! Quote2
-- Lady Shiva src

Sandra Wu-San, better known as the master assassin Lady Shiva, was already one of the most dangerous killers in the world before she was an adult.

Lady Shiva came to Gotham City one night and ambushed Batman. After she had poisoned the Bat with special shurikens, Dick Grayson, who was acting as Batman's computer operator in the Batcave at the time, donned his own red and green costume that he pieced together himself and went to help Batman in his fight against Shiva.

Calling himself "Robin", Grayson was able to fend off Shiva long enough for Batman to regain his strength. Ultimately, though, Shiva escaped into the night, proving too much for Robin to capture.[1]


  • Acrobatics: Shiva is an expert acrobat. She is able to race across roof-tops faster then most people can run and perform feats of parkour most people could only dream of.[2]
  • Deception
  • Leadership[3]
  • Martial Arts: Shiva is one of the deadliest martial artists in the world. Her lethal style of combat has allowed her to easily subdue Batman himself.[4]
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tactical Analysis: Sandra can analyze an opponent's body condition and fighting styles. She was able to tell Nightwing had a damaged rib because he was subconsciously protecting it.[2]
  • Throwing
  • Weaponry: Sandra is an expert with many different types of weapon, whether ranged or melee. She has used flails, axes and scythes with expert proficiency.[2]



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