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Sandu Florea (b. June 28, 1946) is a comic book artist.

Personal History

Florea graduated at Bucharest's Architectural College in 1971. A married man, with two offsprings he currently lives in Long Island, New York.

Professional History

Sandu Florea is a Romanian comic book artist and professional illustrator. Florea began his career in the American Comic Book Industry on 1992 working for Marvel Comics on the title The Savage Sword of Conan before moving to other titles like X-Force, Dr. Strange, Thor and many other iconic titles. He also worked for smaller publishers like Chaos! Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

His first published work for DC Comics was in 2002 on the title Birds of Prey and later on would work on titles like Superman: The Man of Steel, Batman, JSA Classified, Countdown and more.

Most recently, he has been working for DC on the title Deathstroke.

Work History

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