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Sara Cruz is Green Lantern Jessica Cruz's sister.

After Jessica confined herself in her room following her almost murder by a mobster, Sara spent three years trying uselessly to get her sister to come out and beat her agoraphobia. Thus, Sara was delighted and shocked when her sister went to see her one day. She was even more shocked when Jessica explained she was now Earth's newest Green Lantern.[1]

Jessica also had to ask her a place to stay due to being kicked out of her apartment. Sara agreed under the condition that her sister would be willing to go out and make errands. As a result of it, Sara was with Jessica when Atrocitus's Dawn Red struck.[1] Sara got overwhelmed with fury and had to be restrained. Unfortunately, Jessica wasn't experienced enough at the time to make constructs to help Sara, and it had to be her partner Simon Baz who encased Sara in a protective bubble[2] until he and Jessica drove the Red Lantern Corps away.[3]