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"Sexy" Sally Sonic was an enemy of Bulleteer.

Born in the early 20th century, Sara Smart was a normal girl until one day when she rescued a cat from some cruel boys. The cat's grateful owner gave Sara the Whistle of the Wind Kings, a magical whistle that, when blown, tuned her being to magical, super-sonic vibrations, turning her into a nearly immortal superheroine.

Sara spent a number of years fighting crime as Sally Sonic, befriending such creatures as Barnabus the Teddy Bear King, but when both her parents and Barnabus died, Sally, who never aged beyond her teens, was declared to be underage and lost her house, ending up at Madame Eva Martinette's Bleakdale Home for Bereaved Children. Madame Martinette treated her cruelly, and so Sally broke out and ended up on the streets. She was taken in by Dennis (AKA Vitaman), a washed-up WWII hero who secretly held a grudge against Sally's father for putting him and his brother in jail years earlier. He goaded her into entering the seedy world of superheroine porn, where he made money taking pictures of her and loaning her to various criminal interests (for instance, he once entered her into a "bare-knuckle, bare-naked fight to the death" for the Duke of Dulwich's birthday party.)

Sometime later, Dennis apparently died and an unfocused, drug-addled Sally Sonic began having affairs with her fans, particularly those whom she knew to be married. Eventually, she had a long affair with a married scientist named Lance Harrower, who became so enamored of her that he tried to make himself invincible by dousing his body in super-hard Smartskin and ended up killing himself. Unsatisfied with this conclusion, Sally moved in with Harrower's widow, Alix, who had rented out part of her house to make ends meet (Alix herself had become covered in Smartskin and had survived, but found her new metallic skin made her unsuitable for her job of teaching autistic children.) Alix, having become the heroine Bulleteer, eventually discovered Sally's identity, leading to a violent and destructive battle that culminated in her smashing an engine block over Sally's stomach. As Alix tried to get the woman to a hospital, Sally awoke and attacked her, causing an accident in which Alix was the only survivor.




  • Magic Whistle: Sally Sonic was able to transform into a nearly indestructible superhuman form by blowing on her magic whistle. She was also superhumanly strong, able to fly, and never aged.