Sarah Conroy was a wealthy heiress abused by her uncle and guardian, Nicholas Conroy.

In 1997, Sarah Conroy and her parents were in a car accident, when they drove off a bridge. Her parents died, but Sarah survived and ended up in a coma. Now an orphan, she was placed in the care of her uncle, Nicholas. As her parents had been wealthy, Sarah being in the care of Nicholas, gave him access to the money. To ensure it'd stay that way, Nicholas began injecting Sarah with a drug, that kept her in a comatose state.[1]

Six years later, Nicholas moved them to Smallville and bought Lana Lang's old house, right next to the Kent Farm. What Nicholas didn't realize was that, during the car accident, Sarah was been exposed to meteor rocks, that had mutated her and given her a telepathic ability. With it, she reached out and contacted Clark Kent, in his dreams. However, in the dreams she was also pursued by the "Traveler", a nightmarish representation of her uncle. With Clark's help, Sarah found the courage to fight back against the Traveler. After her uncle was arrested, Sarah regained consciousness, presumably returning to a normal life.[1]


  • Telepathy: Sarah possessed a telepathic ability, allowing her to enter the dreams of other people.[1]

  • Sarah Conroy is hinted at being a lesbian, between lilacs being her favorite flowers and her showing no sign of attraction towards Clark.[1]



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