Sarah Cushing is a teenager from Smallville and friend of Jordan and Jonathan Kent.

Sarah’s childhood was fairly happy, but as she got older she became increasingly aware of the serious problems affecting both Smallville and her family. Feeling trapped by her life and seeing no way to escape, she impulsively attempted suicide by swallowing a handful of her mother’s sleeping pills. Her life was saved and her mother insisted on her attending regular therapy which Sarah felt she did not need, and was annoyed by Lana’s attempts to portray the family as happy and functional when they were not.

Her family attended the funeral of Martha Kent, where she saw Martha’s grandson Jordan taking his anti-anxiety medication. Recognising Jordan as a kindred spirit she approached him to talk and gave him her phone number so they could text, which Jordan misinterpreted as romantic interest. When she and the Kent twins went into the barn a stack of heavy poles fell on the boys, seemingly crushing them, but they walked away unscathed.

Sarah invited Jordan to a keg party at the disused mines just outside of town. She told Jordan about her own mental health struggles and he impulsively kissed her. Sarah’s boyfriend Sean attacked Jordan and then Jonathan when he tried to intervene. Sean and his friends beat up the twins until the bonfire at the party mysteriously exploded, supposedly due to a methane pocket.[1]

Sarah was upset by Sean’s ongoing harassment of the Kent brothers and found it difficult to defend him when Jonathan asked her why she was attracted to him.[2] She continued to be friends with Jordan despite Sean’s disapproval and eventually broke up with him.[3]

Sarah quit the school’s cheerleading squad, which Lana coached, and walked out in the middle of practice. After school she and her mother had a public fight where Sarah chastised her mother for denying and hiding their family’s problems rather than confronting them. That night the two tentatively reconciled and Sarah assured Lana that if she ever felt suicidal she would talk to her.[3]

Sarah asked Jordan to go on a date to Smallville’s Harvest Festival with her, which he agreed to at Jonathan’s prompting. The night of the Festival, her father came home drunk after one of his firefighters was injured in the line of duty. Sarah agreed to stay behind to look after him but rebuffed Kyle’s attempts to bond with her and left.

At the Festival Sarah and Jordan talked and got closer, however the moment was ruined when Jonathan arrived with two older boys and drunkenly made fun of them both. Disgusted with his behaviour due to her father’s alcoholism, she stormed off. The next day she told Jordan she was not ready to date anyone at the moment, but asked that they stay friends, which he agreed to.[4]




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