Sarah Kent was the wife of the Kansas farmhand Josephus Kent. She and her husband had tried to have a child, but lost two babies from stillbirth in 1843 and 1844. After trying for another child, their third was likewise stillborn and Sarah almost died from childbirth. Sarah did not know that her third child had died as she was delirious from giving birth. She instead believed that her unknowingly adopted son Atticus Kent, who was found in a Kryptonian spaceship by Josephus, to be her natural child. Josephus never told her the truth as he was happy to see her raising Atticus and truly being a family.

On May 22, 1865, Sarah was dying from a terminal illness. Atticus, who had developed his powers and brought an end to the American Civil War two years earlier, went to his adoptive mother on her deathbed. Sarah's last words to him were to tell him that he never failed to make her proud. Sarah died without ever learning of Atticus' origins. However, her death compelled Josephus to reveal the truth to Atticus.



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