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Rainmaker is the daughter of Stephen Callahan of Team 7. She is a founding member of Gen 13.

Apache born, Sarah Rainmaker's Gen-Active powers first manifested while living on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. She soon came to the attention of Ivana Baiul & her Keepers, who were ordered to capture the seedling and bring her back for testing. Sarah managed to elude her captors and fled to the desert. She remained in hiding for three days before Ripclaw of Cyberforce, a fellow Apache, discovered her.

Dispatched by Sarah's family to ensure her safety, Ripclaw was followed by Keepers. Stormwatch was also notified that a young girl in the desert had manifested and saw to it that she would be safely returned to her family. With the help of Battalion, Ripclaw was able to defeat the Keepers. Their victory was bittersweet. Waiting for Sarah were the I.O. officials who had sought Sarah in the first place. Brought to Project: Genesis, Rainmaker met her future teammates, Fairchild, Burnout, Grunge and Freefall. With the help of then I.O. Director John Lynch, Rainmaker and the others managed to escape.

Since then, Rainmaker and her teammates have successfully outmaneuvered Ivana Baiul and the rest of I.O. There have been moments of friction as the rest of the team was still adjusting to Sarah's sexual orientation. For some time, Caitlin Fairchild had no idea Sarah was attracted to women, especially her, leading to at least one incident where Caitlin innocently changed clothing in front of her. Most affected is friend and teammate, Burnout, who had a strong romantic interest in Sarah.

Medicine Song

Some time after she came out to her teammates, Sarah was forced to return to the San Carlos reservation to help her fellow Apaches fend off an attack by William Greywind, her mother's abusive ex-husband. Assisted by the other members of Gen 13, she entered the spirit world and enlisted the aid of Geronimo, Crazy Horse and Lozen, who helped her unlock her spiritual abilities and defeat Greywind.


After the events of Captain Atom: Armageddon, Sarah was rebooted along with the rest of the team. This time she was fully established as a lesbian, who found it difficult to fit in with society. One day she came home to find that her parents, actually operatives ordered to raise her, in the process of ingesting poison. Immediately Tabula Rasa troops stormed the house and she was taken away. While in a detention center she met up with the other Gen13 gang and they all escaped. While relaxing at a farm, she made advances towards Caitlin, who was bewildered by the event. When the group was on the road again she revealed to them all that she was a homosexual.

During Gen 13's adventures, Sarah was revealed to be, as her Gen 13 teammates, the recipient of the soul of her original namesake, collected by the Doctor and restored in the new body. However, in this life all the Gens exhibited different tendencies, becoming progressively their own persons.

World's End

After the events in Number of the Beast, traveling with the group throughout this devastated world, Sarah seemed more agitated than the others. She expressed to them all that she would probably end up leaving the group. While seeking refuge in a mall, she made another advance on Caitlin. This advance, however, was sharply denied, adding to Sarah's discontent and her accusing Caitlin of being romantically involved with Bobby. As this was happening it was revealed that an American Indian woman known as Kachina, who possessed some form of magic power, was observing and had an interest in Sarah.

After leaving the mall, the group decided to hitchhike across the USA to the town of Tranquility. After hitching a ride from none other than Dr. Archimedes Sin himself, they all ended up at a post-apocalyptic skate park run by renegade youths. While there, Sarah saw Caitlin embrace and kiss Robert. This angered her so much that she stormed out of the park. She was later magically summoned by Kachina to Sarah's reservation home where she helped the shaman in making rain. And as well having a sexual relationship with the shaman.

Sarah was later beckoned to the Authority's calling to UnLondon, where she learned of the Carrier's departure. She was one of the few heroes to board the shift-ship and leave Earth, and was reunited with Freefall.[1]


  • Weather Control: Her ability allows her to control the elemental forces of nature that are Air and Water which gives her the abilities to fly by creating vertical gusts of wind, project lightning, create tidal waves of water and invoke rain.
    • Aerokinesis: Her air-control only affects wind strength and direction, so it cannot be used to create vacuums. She used this along with ambient dust and sand to create a blinding storm.[2]
    • Hydrokinesis: Her water-control can be used to create precipitation or intensify any water currently present.
    • Electrokinesis


  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts Sarah is skilled in apache-fighting. Sarah also has a natural aptitude for combat tactics.

  • Rainmaker is half-Apache who's been raised on a reservation.
  • Rainmaker is bisexual.
  • Rainmaker has appeared in the following non-WildStorm Image publications: The Deadly Duo (Volume 2) #3.