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Sarge Steel is an espionage hero and detective with a mechanical hand. Because of his talents as a government operative, he has been involved with several different law enforcement agencies.

Steel served in the U.S. Army during the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Recognized for his special qualities, Steel's superiors sent him over to the Special Forces. There, he excelled and achieved the rank of Captain, although he maintained the nickname "Sarge". His rapid rise proved inspirational for some and commanded respect from others, as he went out on reconnaissance missions and shutting down those who profit from war. Steel's operations brought him into conflict with communist saboteur Ivan Chong, who was responsible for causing the loss of Steel's left hand.[1]

Steel was given a honorable discharge and underwent surgery and rehabilitation. He was eventually fitted with a artificial hand to replace his missing hand. Taking his military experience into account, Steel established a career as a private investigator and somehow getting himself involved in bizarre cases, and often bringing himself into contact with government agencies.[1] He continued his investigation agency until he joined the Central Bureau of Investigation and became involved in metahuman activities. Steel developed a harsh opinion of superheroes and a suspicion of those not affiliated with the U.S. government. He also disliked Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad.

After the "Janus Directive", Steel was installed as the Director of Metahuman Affairs, a cabinet-level post that oversees all metahuman activity in America.

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  • Sargent Steel is also known as Sergeant Steel and Commander Steel.
  • Steel hates Russians, or at least, the communist ones.[2]


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