Sarique was apparently the daughter of Scyla, one of the founding members of the galactic freedom fighters called the Sun Devils. Nothing is known of her early history, but she somehow ended up as the sole companion of the Sun Devils' former leader Rik Sunn, aiding him in his pursuit (through both space and time) of the team's former nemesis, the Sauroid half-breed Karvus Khun. They eventually located Khun and his grandson in the late 20th Century, Sarique commenting that her mother would have wanted to be there to see it (the implication appeared to be that Scyla was dead). However, Sarique had underestimated the degree to which Sunn had become obsessed with his quest for vengeance; having killed Khun's grandson, Sunn discovered that Khun himself was a feeble, blind and dying old man who could barely remember him, and in a fit of despair, destroyed Khun's ship and himself with it. Sarique was saved at the last moment by Superman, who had been trying unsuccessfully to stop the violence. Her whereabouts since this time are unknown.

The Sun Devils' original reality is unknown. It appears to have been an alternate future.