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Sasha Woodman was a meteor freak who could control bees.

Early Life

Sasha Woodman grew up in the town of Smallville. In 2001, Sasha fell into Shuster's Gorge, which was full of two things: meteor rocks and bees, that had been mutated by the radiation. She was stung over a thousand times. Having been stung by all those bees, caused Sasha's own body to mutate, giving her an ability to control bees.[1]

Season One

Being under constant pressure by her parents, Sasha enrolled in the race of becoming class president. Eventually, this pressure drove her to an extreme level. She sent bees out to take care off two of her competitors: Felice Chandler and Paul Chan, after they had refused to back down. Next, she tried to get Clark Kent, the last other candidate, to back down. After he refused, she sent bees to take him out, but failed. She then tried to send bees after Martha Kent, but Clark was able to stop the attack. Afterwards, because of her repeated failures, the bees turned on her. Being allergic to bees, Sasha ended up in a coma.[1]

Season Seven

For the next five years, Sasha was a patient at Belle Reve, during which Sasha was also taken to 33,1 (a LuthorCorp project, studying and experimenting on metahumans). After this, Sasha was operated on by Dr. Curtis Knox. The operation removed Sasha's powers and memories of the last five years. Sasha was then released, believing herself to have been cured. However, Dr. Knox then abducted and murdered her, to harvest her internal organs.[2]


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