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Lucifer's council was eventually overthrown by Etrigan the Demon, but the abrupt lack of leadership caused the latter to dissolve.

The Satanic Triumvirate was a brief system of shared power in Hell amongst Lord Lucifer and two other powerful demon lords to ensure chaos did not engulf the Inferno.


Lucifer's council was eventually overthrown by Etrigan the Demon, but the abrupt lack of leadership caused the latter to dissolve.


Since the dawn of time, Lucifer had proclaimed himself King of Hell and ruled as its undisputed monarch for millennia until the Great Darkness was awakened by the Brujería. The Darkness was the antithesis of Light and Creation, and its coming sparked upheaval in Hell, fracturing its inhabitants into two armies; those who welcomed oblivion and those who opposed it.[1][2] Though the Darkness did not bring about the end of existence, Hell was divided and thrown into conflict. To restore order, Lucifer conceded to share power with two other Lords of Hell, Beelzebub and Azazel, and so the Satanic Triumvirate was founded.[3]

The Battle for Power

Azazel was replaced by the Arch-Duke Belial and Hell remained stable, but another ambitious Arch-Duke, Asteroth, schemed to gain enough power to claim the throne all to himself. His five-way blood sacrifice ritual was thwarted by Merlin and Etrigan, also unleashing Belial's volatile son to roam the Inferno once more with his own insidious ambitions.[4][5]

Etrigan consulted the Oracle at the River Styx regarding his conquest of Hell,[4] and he found an army of outcasts in Masak Mavdil led by his exiled mother, Ran Va Daath.[6] With her allegiance, he persuaded his father to join his cause and promised him shared power between only father and son.[7] The Lord of Deceit secretly waited to see if war fell in favour of Etrigan before committing his armies, and despite Merlin's warnings, Beelzebub was caught off guard and his castle razed by Etrigan and Abaddon. Hearing of Beelzebub's capture, Belial joined Etrigan's forces and laid siege to Lucifer's palace, only to be greeted by the fallen angel at the gates who submitted his unconditional surrender without a fight.[8]

The New Triumvirate

Etrigan held his coronation at the Pit of Masak Mavdil where he announced his new Satanic Triumvirate, Ran Va Daath and Abaddon. Belial was outraged by the betrayal and attempted to attack his son, but Etrigan was too powerful with the Crown of Horns that he wore and tore out his father's heart before consigning his weakened body to exile. He continued his display of brutally dismantling the old leadership by tearing off Beelzebub's wings and throwing him in after Belial. Lucifer, on the other hand, had no intention of joining the others and broke free, abandoning Hell for Earth. The new order was short-lived, however, as Etrigan was foiled by Merlin and Jason Blood even before his coronation dinner. With Etrigan bound to Blood again and back on Earth the Triumvirate dissolved, and Hell fell into feudal chaos.[9]


Equipment: * Crown of Horns (King of Hell)

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