Quote1.png For now, you're coming with me......into an even darker realm than our heroes have entered......until the time comes to finish the job we started today. Quote2.png
Lord Satanus src

Lord Satanus is the ruler of Earth's Dark Realm.

Second Chance

Satanus came across a demon from a foreign dimension and demanded an explanation for her intrusion on his world, to which she answered was simply to watch the chaos caused by her actions over Earth's greatest champions, to which she offered him to watch.[1] He decided to restrain the Trickster to make sure she doesn't play any tricks on him, but was nonetheless entertained by the spectacle Kaiyo created.[2]

After the game was over, Kaiyo demanded to be free of his clutches, but she was way too fun so Satanus instead decided to keep her to himself, proclaiming they will return to finish the game she started, dooming Kaiyo to the torment of Satanus kingdom.[3]




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