Saturnians are inhabitants of Saturn. Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, they were depicted differently according the source. Currently, Saturnians are descended from an underclass of worker clones created by ancient Martian explorers.


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  • In 1939 Ool, ruler of Saturn, was planning to invade earth but his research led him to believe Zatara's powers were typical for earthlings and he called off the attack.[1]
  • Saturn's belt and moons hosted the Empire of Saturn, ruled by humanoid telepaths.[2] In the 1940s the empire started abducting humans to work as slaves mining Saturn's belts in preparation for the Emperor's planned invasion of Earth. Wonder Woman defeated the emperor's agents and convinced him to sign a treaty, though he sent agents on unsanctioned missions to create a pretense to justify invading anyway.[3][2][4][5] Eviless was a Saturnian slave-driver who continued abducting humans as slaves after the treaty made it illegal until she was captured by Wonder Woman and incarcerated within Transformation Island. [4][6]
  • Hawkman once was banished to Saturn, where he helped one kingdom overthrow a tyrant ruling a neighboring kingdom who was threatening war.[7] It was later revealed that Hawkman had actually traveled to the Saturn of another dimension, not the native Saturn of the Earth-Two dimension.[8]

New Earth

Saturnians are descended from an underclass of worker clones created by ancient Martian explorers. The Green Martians cloned the original Red Saturnians from themselves, and the White Martians cloned the original White Saturnians.

Possible Future

In the year 3000, Saturnians fall under the regime of a ruthless dictator called Fura, who forced the majority of the Saturnians to live underground while he waged war against other planets using a vast army of robots. Fura's conquest eventually reached Earth, where his army was finally challenged by the people of Earth led by Batman and Robin. After their sound victory on Earth, the army of men traveled to Saturn and ended Fura's dominion over the planet, freeing the imprisoned Saturnians and causing Fura's ultimate demise. Saturn was then freed from the evil emperor and peace returned.[9]

Powers and Abilities


Variable, dependent of the issue. Titanians, from Saturn's moon Titan, are consistently telepaths.


Ool's subjects on Saturn:

  • Shape-Shifting: Saturnians can change their physical form when traveling by Cosmic Ray Beams.

Empire of Saturn denizens on Saturn's moons:

  • Superhuman Strength: Saturnians are as strong as fully trained Amazons.[2][6]
  • Telepathy:
    • Invisibility: Saturnians can telepathically hide themselves and nearby objects from others, and allow their allies to see them while their enemies can see nothing. Others with psychic abilities can notice and see through this, and monotone outfits make the apparent invisibility easier.[3][2]
    • Telepathic Relay: Saturnians can mentally link to each other to have silent and secret conversations, though others with psychic abilities can eavesdrop.[2]

New Earth

  • Martian Physiology: The average Martian possesses the potential for the following power set:
    • Shape-Shifting: Martians have psionic control of their physical for down to the molecular level. This allows them to a form of shape-shifting that allows them to mimic other forms, elongate aspects of their body, increase or decrease their physical size, and so on.
      • Size Alteration: As an extension of their shape-shifting abilities martians can alter their size with ease, being able to shrink or grow to gigantic size.[10]
    • Invisibility: Martians can cause the biopolymers in their bodies to lose their ability to reflect light, making the Martians invisible to normal light and human sight.[11]
    • Phasing: Martians can go through solid matter.
    • Superhuman Strength[11]: Martians possess vast levels of superhuman strength and are among the few races that are able to match Kryptonians in terms of raw strength. Martians can easily shatter reinforced concrete and steel, lift and carry houndreds of tons with ease and deliver incredible damage with their blows.[12]
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability: Martians possess high levels of durability that make them nigh-invulnerable to all forms of damage. Martians can withstand high caliber bullets, powerful energy blast and kinetic impacts without suffering damage.[13]
    • Superhuman Speed: Martians can process thoughts, move, and react at incredible speed, being able to cover vast distances in little or no time, catch bullets in mid flight, run on water and create afterimages as they run.[14]
    • Regeneration: Martians have powerful regenerative powers that enable them to regenerate their entire body from a severed limb, they can furtherly enhance their regenerative powers by drawing mass from nearby sources.[15]
    • Flight[11]
    • Extrasensory Input
    • Longevity[15]
    • Super Hearing[15]
    • Heat Vision[16]
    • Martian Vision: Martian visual acuity greatly exceed human norms and allows for a wider range of information to be observed. This includes the following:[11]
    • Telepathy: Martians have the ability to read the minds of others and project their thoughts to varying degrees. They can also project their mental essences into a gestalt community known as the "Great Mind". Through this, the community can enhance the telepathic strength of other Martians. This power can also enable them to reverse the effects of amnesia or psychological brainwashing. [11]
    • Telekinesis[20]: Martians have mind-over-matter abilities and can lift and move objects with their minds. They can also employ their telekinesis in offensive way by discharging telekinetic blasts capable of great concussive power.[21]


New Earth

  • Vulnerability to Fire: Martians are much more vulnerable to fire than the average Earth human. At times this has been portrayed as physical, psychological, or a combination of the two. The effect of this is to strip any Martian of their powers as they involuntarily lose control of their body.



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