The highest paid hit-man of his day, called "the nicest killer in town", Saul "Stiletto" Calvino took only top-class contracts: all his victims were high-ranking gangsters.

He assassinated 28 gangland figures before he was arrested by Florida police and sentenced to death. Stiletto nevertheless escaped by talking one of the guards into releasing him.

After his escape, Stiletto headed to Gotham City, where his savings (over four million in cash) were hidden. The money has been hidden by Stiletto's old sidekick, Bud Brown, within locker 55 in the Greyhound bus station. When Stiletto arrived to retrieve it, Two Tone, a hitman hired by the gangland to eliminate him, burst into the station. Two Tone proceeded to chase after Stiletto, but Batman intervened and managed to rescue Saul.

Batman handed Stiletto over to the Florida police, but he managed to escape once again.


  • Martial Arts: Stiletto has some knowledge of martial arts, being able to hold his own against Batman.
  • Charisma Stiletto is incredibly persuasive; he once talked one of his victims into holding a knife for him while he went to the toilet, then he came back, took the knife and completed the killing. He also used this ability to persuade a prison guard to let him go (twice), talk a bookseller into giving him a book for free, and persuade a bus driver to give Stiletto his bus.


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