Savanna Langford (1930-1990)[1] lived in a house near Houma, Louisiana. An elderly woman, she was the mother of Tressa Kipp and the grandmother of Tressa's eleven-year-old son, Jim. Savanna convinced Tressa and Jim to return to Houma and stay with her at her home. It was during this time that Jim first befriended the mysterious Swamp Thing. The ambitious scientist, Anton Arcane, once gave Savanna a lift home from the grocery store. He used this opportunity as a means of warming up to the woman in the hopes of courting her daughter. Savanna was not fooled by Arcane's charms, and told him that he stood little chance of dating Tressa because he wouldn't "work hard enough" at it.

Savanna eventually passed away from natural causes and Tressa took on the responsibilities of maintaining her home.

  • Savanna Langford was portrayed by Patricia Helwick.
  • Savanna Langford is a character unique to the continuity of the Swamp Thing live-action television series.
  • The proper spelling of Savanna's first name is revealed on her tombstone in "From Beyond the Grave".



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