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Shadowdragon is a superhero in the country of Bhutran.

Savitar was prince of Bhutran until he was stripped of his royalty after an adventure into a neighboring country. He used a power-suit he found on this escapade to become an adventurer. Despite toeing the line between hero and villain, Shadowdragon aims to use his skills to help the suffering masses in his home country, stealing technological innovations from scientific firms in Metropolis. This brought him into conflict with Superman. During one such theft, he obtained S.T.A.R. Labs' Superman information (collected during Dead Again) and gave it to Conduit. After seeing Conduit's vendetta against Clark Kent, Shadowdragon broke into a Pipeline base and introduced a virus which wiped all mention of Superman into their computers. He later met up with Lois Lane and informed her that Jimmy Olsen was still alive and a prisoner of Conduit. He considered sharing this information as payment of the debt he felt he owed to Clark Kent.

Later, in an attempt to obtain a disc with information he needed, Shadowdragon crossed paths with Lady Shiva.[1]



  • X-10 battlesuit