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Scandal Savage is the daughter of Vandal Savage.

Acting on her father's orders, Scandal acted as his personal inquisitor. At some point she met the exiled New God Knockout and fell into a relationship with her.

Scandal and Knockout were both sent to Gotham City to retrieve Professor Pyg. Scandal first killed one of Pyg's security Dollotrons with her blades while her girlfriend Knockout snapped the other one's neck. The couple then stormed into Pyg's operating chamber just as he was about to disfigure Two-Face. Scandal then press-ganged Pyg into coming with them and that "a patient" for him to which the former complied. Scandal then accompanied Knockout as she was invited to the Tower of Fate by the mood-making Steel Maxum who was operating as Doctor Fate at the time. As Knockout distracted him with a seductive kiss, Scandal quietly slipped into the artifact hall of the Tower to procure the mystical Get Out Of Hell Free card. Just as the deed was about done, Scandal was caught red-handed by Maxum. Preparing for a fight, Scandal unsheathed her blades but Maxum quickly darted for the Helmet of Fate on the other end of the room. Scandal managed to pursue him, Maxum subdued her by knocking over a display case containing a squid-like monster that wrapped Scandal in it's tentacles. Just as Maxum was about to put on the Helmet, Knockout snatched it from behind and lays him out unconscious. With him out of the way, the women stole the magic card from the Tower before taking their leave.

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At her apartment in Denver, Scandal had Pyg tied hostage and on standby while Knockout relaxed au naturel in the jacuzzi.



  • Claws: Scandal uses the Laminas Peasar "Lamentation Blades" in battle, a pair of wrist-mounted blades in each of her finger-less gloves.