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Scanner One was an experiment spaceship developed by the Atari Institute that was capable of traveling through various realities through the use of a Multiversal drive. Its purpose was to find a suitable planet for Earth's residents to relocate to following the devastation of the Five-Year War. The institute selected a team of five individuals called the Atari Force that would be suitable for the task: Martin Champion was its commander, Lydia Perez was its pilot, Li San O'Rouarke was its security and tactical officer, Mohandas Singh was its engineer, and Dr. Lucas Orion was its physician.

During Scanner One's initial travels through the Multiverse, the team came across a devastated planet that was destroyed by a race called the Zylons, only to discover that the Zylons were actually puppet beings created by the Dark Destroyer, whom they confronted and destroyed. They came across another malevolent race called the Maglagli, who enslaved many worlds, and were defeated with the creation of a Multiverse-traveling warship called the Phoenix. Upon finding a new home for Earth's citizens, the Atari Force encountered the Dark Destroyer again, this time enslaving a federation of races to fight against their own will against the team. Again the Dark Destroyer was destroyed, and when Earth was allowed to relocate to the new planet they found, Scanner One was temporarily renamed Exodus One as it transported citizens in suspended animation to their new home.

Following the relocation, Scanner One was decommissioned and placed into a museum where it remained, though still having an active power source and stocked with provisions. 25 years later, Martin Champion with his new Atari Force team stole Scanner One out of the museum and used it to travel through the Multiverse to confront the Dark Destroyer in his new form. After defeating his plan to destroy the New Earth universe with his anti-matter bomb, which detonated in another universe taking the Dark Destroyer with it, the new Atari Force team succeeded in returning to their universe, only to crash-land on New Earth and to see the Scanner One destroyed by an experimental Warmech device.

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