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The Scarab was one of the fighters in Monarch's Multiversal arena.

The Scarab is one of the beings throughout the multiverse that were brought by the Monarch to his satellite to participate in his Arena for being chosen in his army in the upcoming battle against the Monitors. The Scarab communicate with the Blue Beetle, Daniel Garrett (Earth-39), in particular with Garrett's Scarab, over something of a plan that Garrett found it too disturbing.

It is eventually revealed that once the three alternate Beetles enter in their fight in the Arena, the Scarab planned on killing his counterparts. The Scarab started to convince Garrett's Scarab to join it as its "hive mate" and leaving Garrett defenseless and vulnerable to the Scarab, in which it consume him. It then faces against the anthropomorphic beetle, Ted Kord. Despite couldn't penetrating Ted's armor, the Scarab kills him by allowing its beetles to enter into his mouth and gruesomely bursting out of his body. The Scarab then declares victory and is presumably taken into Monarch's army.

The Scarab was last seen in Earth-51 during Monarch's war against the Monitors, and its fate after the destruction of Earth-51 is unknown.


Manipulate its scarab beetles to change its form, and able to reform itself after its beetles are scattered apart


Able to command its beetles, in which are carnivorous, to strip a living being into a skeleton


Couldn't penetrate anything that is hard, unless it allows its beetles to seek an opening.