Scarface was the puppet of Arnold Wesker for some time before they began their plans for Gotham.

When they began their siege, Scarface hired two henchmen named Mugsy and Rhino. The henchmen did not realize that Scarface was a puppet and immediately began to be rebellious. Scarface showed them who was boss by pushing Mugsy onto a conveyor belt and threatened to kill him. The henchmen then started to listen to Scarface and Wesker without question.

After many robberies and many encounters with the Batman, the villains finished their plan to build a giant robot identical to Scarface. The robot, although a different object, gained Scarface's personalty thanks to Wesker.

When they were robbing the Gotham Federal Reserve, Batman tricked Scarface into being hit by a nearby train. All that survived the collision was the Scarface robot's head that was put on display in the Batcave.

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  • Medallion: When his plan is complete and Scarface becomes a gigantic robot, the robot uses his gold medallion to attack the Batman.
  • weapons in the form of a puppet: When Scarface is in the form of a puppet he can use different weapons including a flamethrower, a chainsaw, a submachine gun Thompson

  • Unlike his comic counterpart, Scarface can pronounce the letter "B."



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