Quote1.png One day I'll show them I have the real heart of a hero! -- I keep it in a big jar in the back of my closet! Quote2.png
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A psychotic mirror of regular Earth's Blue Beetle, Scarlet Scarab is one of the core members of the Injustice Syndicate.

His insanity is represented by regularly using the powers his own suit gives him to create armament far in excess of his enemies' response capabilities and harming innocents, even when they've cleared a path for him. He is so perverted he made an allusion when chatting with his suit that he had a hero's heart stored in a jar in his closet. He was present at the battle between the Syndicate and Red Hood's Justice Underground. He was soundly defeated and imprisoned in one of the cells formerly housing the heroes of the inverted universe.


Technological suit. Presumably a deviation of the Blue Beetle indigenous to the Injustice Syndicate universe.

Deep psychosis. Enjoys others' suffering.



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