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The Scavenger is a cybernetically enhanced enemy of Superboy.

The origin of the being known as the Scavenger, and the means through which he acquired his mystical abilities has yet to be revealed. He is obsessed with acquiring weapons and equipment in order to prepare for an inevitable battle against an enemy he constantly refers to, but never explicitly identifies. Given his extreme paranoia (he was convinced Superboy was an agent for this enemy) and even delusional nature (he murdered a group of miners he believed was a "private army of trained killers") this enemy could be completely in his own mind.

Several years ago, the Scavenger learned of a mystical artifact known as the Spear of Lona. Using his magic, he teleported from his lunar base to Honolulu, Hawaii where he acquired the spear after it had been lost during a scuffle between Superboy and Knockout. However, without a special gemstone headpiece, the Scavenger could only access a portion of the weapon's ultimate capabilities. Using his mystic orb, he eventually located the power stone within a hidden cave on a volcanic mountaintop in Maui. He teleported to the site and began scavenging through the catacombs looking for the gem. Superboy meanwhile, researched the legend of the Spear and likewise tracked the gemstone's last known whereabouts to Maui. There, the two beings engaged in a deadly struggle – a struggle that ultimately unearthed the power stone from beneath a section of rock.

Scavenger placed the stone within its special housing on the tip of the spear and took charge of the weapon's full array of powers. He threw the spear at Superboy, but fortunately for the young hero, he managed to deflect it using his tactile telekinesis. Superboy lunged at Scavenger and the two grappled for possession of the spear. Superboy's telekinesis loosed the stone from its hilt and it fell into a riverbed of lava. Scavenger prepared to dive after it, but made the mistake of announcing that his special talisman would protect him from the extreme temperatures. Superboy ripped the talisman from Scavenger's neck and the villain was forced to make a hasty retreat. He teleported back to his lunar base where he began plotting his ultimate revenge against Superboy.[1]

Scavenger reemerged later, attempting to reclaim some weapons from the lair of the Silicon Dragons after it was destroyed. Scavenger fought against not just Superboy and Green Lantern but also Black Manta. A resulting explosion allowed for all parties to withdraw.[2]

Scavenger would later lead Superman and Impulse on an around the world chase, part of a ruse to steal some magical artifacts in Metropolis. The ruse might have succeeded if not for the presence of the Alpha Centurion.[3] Scavenger was later duped into purchasing some fake Kryptonite from Encantadora.[4]

After Superboy moved to Metropolis, Scavenger ended up there and engaged the Kid yet again. Scavenger still rambled on about his "eternal enemy" and was convinced Superboy was one of his agents. Superboy managed to call a truce, which Scavenger reluctantly agreed to. He instructed Superboy to meet him in one week at the Ace O' Clubs where he promised he would tell him his story.[5]

Unfortunately, Superboy was delayed and could not make the meeting. Scavenger was attacked at the bar, apparently by real agents working for his mysterious enemy. Convinced he had been set up, he plotted to strike back at Superboy.[6]

Scavenger attacked Superboy at Calvin Gardens, but the Kid was clueless as to the "betrayal" Scavenger was raving about. During the battle, Superboy knocked Scavenger aside in order to rescue a child in danger. After saving the boy, Scavenger told Superboy he no longer believes he is working for his enemy, as Superboy is so irresponsible and an apparent danger to everyone around him.[7]

The Scavenger turned up some time later and entered a bidding war in an online auction for the infamous Arrowcar once owned by Oliver Queen. After losing the auction to a bidder named Fledermaus, the Scavenger attempted to steal the vehicle himself. This led him into conflict with Green Arrow and his new sidekick Mia Dearden. Scavenger failed in his objective and disappeared soon after.[8]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Scavenger employs various mechanical enhancements as well as his own innate mystic abilities.
  • Magic: The Scavenger may possess a degree of mystical prowess, but whether his abilities stem from his own innate talents or from objects in his possession has yet to be revealed.


Other Characteristics


  • Orb: Scavenger uses a large magic sphere, which is capable of showing him visions of events taking place in remote locations. The nature and range of the orb's capabilities is unknown.
  • Talisman: Scavenger wears a mystical charm tied about his neck, which protects him from harm. Without the talisman, Scavenger is just as vulnerable as a normal human being.


  • Teleportation: Scavenger possesses an artifact which allows him to teleport from one remote location to another. The range of this effect is great enough that he can easily teleport from the Earth to the moon with no physical stress.


  • Spear of Lona: For a brief period of time, Scavenger possessed the Spear of Lona. Like the talisman, the spear provided added mystical protection from physical threats. However, the Spear's protective circle reached a greater range than that of the talisman.



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