The Science Police are a Law-Enforcement Task Force.
Science Police

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Science Police
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Formed in the wake of the Infinite Crisis to protect Metropolis
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The Science Police are a Law-Enforcement Task Force.

21st Century

Presumably the hi-tech unit of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit is a precursor to the science based law-enforcement agency. [1]

21st Century Officers:

30th Century

The Science Police have continued to serve and protect throughout the 30th Century and beyond. Their remit has grown, expanding to cover the duties of all law-enforcement in Metropolis, which covers the entire Eastern seaboard of North America. They sometimes have a strained relationship with the Legion of Super-Heroes, but this is rarely a problem — all parties are motivated by a desire for law and order.

30th Century Officers:

  • Officer Ishkindru
  • Officer S'k'den


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • A group called the Science Police was active on Krypton before it exploded.


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