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The Science Squad was a conglomeration of the world's most devious criminal masterminds.


Led by the disfigured Chang Tzu, the group operated out of a secret compound on Oolong Island. Chang Tzu was secretly partnered with Intergang and was using his influence with Intergang as well as the Chinese government to finance the Science Squad's operations.

As a member of Intergang, Chang Tzu believed in the prophecies foretold in the Bible of Crime, and was aware of the coming of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. To bring the prophecy to fruition, he had his science team genetically engineer four monstrous creations to represent the avatars of Death, Famine, War and Pestilence. His most esteemed colleague (and the sole female member of the group) was biophysicist Veronica Cale. While many of the other scientists devoted their time towards their own criminal pursuits, Cale was chiefly responsible for bringing the Four Horsemen to life. The Horsemen were created with the express purpose of destroying Black Adam and his extended family. This motivation was also shared by Adam's former colleague, Doctor Sivana.

Will Magnus was a reluctant member of the Science Squad, and primarily remained with them so to come to terms with his own history of mental instability. He also wanted to remain close to his former mentor, Professor T.O. Morrow. Magnus eventually betrayed the Science Squad and killed Chang Tzu.

Shortly after Chang Tzu's death, Black Adam came to Oolong Island. The Four Horsemen had succeeded in murdering his wife and brother-in-law, and he was seething for revenge. Using technology developed by Doctor Tyme and T.O. Morrow, the Science Squad managed to briefly apprehend Black Adam. He escaped however and caused massive damage to the facility.

With Chang Tzu dead and the Oolong facility in ruins, the remaining members of the Science Squad went their separate ways.

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