"Nasty Tricks": Mystery, Inc. has gone to Supergirl's home in Midvale. Kara needs their help and has no option but to trust them with her secret identity: her parents sent her to Earth when their hometown Argo City was destroyed. After

Quote1 I'm trusting all of you to keep my secret, Velma. And it's not just a ghost, Fred-- I'm being haunted by the ghosts of everyone in Argo City! Quote2
-- Supergirl

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Synopsis for "Nasty Tricks"

Mystery, Inc. has gone to Supergirl's home in Midvale. Kara needs their help and has no option but to trust them with her secret identity: her parents sent her to Earth when their hometown Argo City was destroyed. After arriving she pretended to be an orphan Earth kid named Linda Lee and she was eventually adopted by the Danvers family.

Velma and Fred acknowledge whatever is bothering her must be serious if she's willing to reveal her secret identity. Supergirl explains she's being haunted by the ghosts everyone in Argo City. Suddenly, a spectral alien city appears around them, complete with the ghosts of Kara's family, friends... and her birth parents glaring at her and demanding to know why she didn't save them.

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo rush out of them living room and into the kitchen, but they head back when Fred reassures them that the ghosts have faded out again. Meanwhile, Velma is trying to empathise with Supergirl, but the Girl of Steel tells her parents and her pet cat Streaky are supporting her and she's a superhero after all. She'll be fine.

Streaky spots Scooby-Doo, though, and he's NOT fine. A dog setting foot on his home? This will not stand. He takes off -literally- and Scooby takes off -figuratively-. As Streaky chases after Scooby, Fred asks if Streaky is also from Krypton. Fred tells Streaky is an Earth cat but sometimes he has powers. They've not figured out how.

Scooby-Doo streaks into the basement and gets his paws tangled up in Streaky's yarn ball, which contains a glowing piece of rock.

Kara and Velma are heading to check on both pets when Streaky flies out of the basement, followed by Scooby. Everyone is amazed, but Supergirl decides enough is enough, grabs both quarelling animals by their collars and orders them to behave.

Velma thinks they should investigate how Streaky and Scooby got powers. As soon as the group heads down into the basement, though, Kara starts feeling weak. Daphne finds a piece of Kryptonite hidden into a yarn ball, and Supergirl realizes it was X-Kryptonite. The last year she was experimenting to try to find a cure for Kryptonite. It didn't work, and she threw away the X-Kryptonite isotope she created. She guesses Streaky found it, and that's what gave him and Scooby powers. After listening to her story, Velma leads her out of the basement.

When the humans leave, Streaky and Scooby start squabbling again. Streaky chases Scooby out in the backyard where Supergirl and the group are resting. Supergirl scolds them and Daphne tells them to act like superheroes. They've already fought, so they should team up from now on.

Right then, the ghosts of Supergirl's birth parents appear again, and this time Zor-El is carriying a deceased Kara in his arms.

The group is shocked. Supergirl ponders how her father can be carrying her ghost when she's still alive and well. Velma points out those "ghosts" keep calling her "Supergirl" instead of her Kryptonian name, and Kara agrees it proves they're not real. Now they need to figure out where they came from.

Scooby decides he needs to go away from them and tries to fly away, but he stops abruptly and howls painfully. Shaggy -who had clung to Scooby's tail- falls down and gets caught by Supergirl, who notes Scooby looks like he's hearing some sort of painful sound. Shaggy feels bemused because he can't hear anything, and Supergirl states that dogs ears are more sensitive than human ones. Actually, since she's not distracted by the ghosts anymore, she can focus and hear it too. It sounds like a high-pitched electromagnetic whine. It must be a signal which is being transmited nearby.

Supergirl lands, and Shaggy accidentally knocks something off her cape's collar. Supergirl realizes it must be the device broadcasting the signal and projecting the ghosts. It's also sending some kind of tracking beacon. Supergirl asks Daphne hold onto the device as she follows the signal back its origin, and flies off.

The Scooby Gang is wondering who built that tracking device and why they engineered that whole scheme when they hear a voice saying she made Supergirl think she was being haunted so the Girl of Steel wouldn't notice she was being tracked down.

The true culprit reveals herself: Nasthalthia "Nasty" Luthor, who suspects Linda Danvers is Supergirl and has been trying to expose her for months. But because Daphne is holding her tracking device, Nasty believes Daphne is Supergirl.

Daphne understandably denies it, but Nasty will not be convinced. She tries to pull her red "wig", and when it doesn't come out, she reasons Supergirl must wear a blonde wig. She whips out a gun and start shooting, expecting Supergirl's secret identity will be exposed when bullets bounce off her. The Gang runs away while Streaky -and Scooby, who still has powers- shield them from the bullets.

Supergirl comes out of her home, wearing her "Linda" identity and recognizes her college schoolmate Nasty. As the Gang keep Nasty distracted, Linda leans over Streaky and Scooby and whispers something.

Scooby takes off, scared, when he hears Nasty is Lex Luthor's niece. Nasty smirks as seeing him flying off, and turns to Linda Danvers, stating all those super-pets in her yard prove her first theory was right. She gets confused, though, when what seems to be Supergirl flies past the Danvers household-- in reality, the Supergirl cutout from the Midvale sign which Streaky and Scooby are carrying stealthily. Then Streaky leaves to carry out his part of Supergirl's plan.

Below on the ground, Nasty stammers that one of them HAS to be Supergirl. Velma, Fred and Shaggy start floating as Scooby flies back on the yard and they all declare they're Supergirl. Nasty freaks out and runs away.

Linda thanks the group for helping her save her secret identity. As Nasty rambled, Streaky gave each of them the X-Kryptonite at super-speed so they gained temporary powers. Right then the effect wears off, and the group falls down.

Streaky admits Scooby isn't so bad for a dog and gets to put the X-Kryptonite away as Scooby admits Streaky isn't so bad for a cat. In the meantime, Daphne asks Linda if she's going to get rid of the X-Kryptonite. Linda shakes her head. If it can give humans superpowers, then she needs to have it where she can keep an eye on it. Besides, Streaky has earned his powers.

Fred hopes Kara will be in peace from now on, but she still feels upset. She loves her Earth parents but she also misses her Kryptonian parents. Sometimes she feels like they're behind her, looking right over her shoulder.

Unbeknown to Kara, her parents are watching the scene from the Survival Zone where they remain trapped, wondering if some day they'll be reunited with their daughter.


  • This book was first published on April 25, 2018.
  • Supergirl previously met Mystery, Inc, in Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #6


This issue is full of references to Pre-Crisis Supergirl stories:

  • Kara Zor-El being born in Argo City and taking up the Linda Lee's Earth name.[1]
  • Linda Lee being adopted by the Danvers family.[2]
  • Linda creating X-Kryptonite which gives Streaky temporary powers.[3]
  • Zor-El's ghost carrying his daughters' body in imitation of Superman in [4]
  • Linda Danvers and Nasthalthia Luthor going to college together,[5]
  • Supergirl's parents being trapped in the Survival Zone.[6]

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