"Truth, Justice, and Scooby Snacks": In the Daily Planet, Perry White is looking for Clark Kent. When he hears Clark is gone because of an upset stomach, Perry lets out a "Great Caesar Ghost!" grumble. Unexpectedly, a glowi

Quote1.png Well, I've fought a ghost or two in my time, but I'm not exactly an expert at investigating them. That's why I called in some people who are! Quote2.png

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #9 is an issue of the series Scooby-Doo! Team-Up (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 4, 2015.

Synopsis for "Truth, Justice, and Scooby Snacks"

In the Daily Planet, Perry White is looking for Clark Kent. When he hears Clark is gone because of an upset stomach, Perry lets out a "Great Caesar Ghost!" grumble. Unexpectedly, a glowing figure which looks right like Julius Caesar appears in the mid of the newsroom. Perry isn't amused, thinking it to be the umpteenth happening of a crook trying to stop Perry from exposing him by dressing up as Caesar's Ghost so Perry's employees think he's crazy. Perry reaches for the figure and is shocked when he passes through it. The Daily Planet staff are likewise stunned, and Jimmy Olsen presses his watch's button to call Superman.

Superman is too busy to answer, though. He's been ambushed off-planet by Grax, Mongul, Terra-Man and Brainiac. Superman gets rid of them as quick as he is able to, and flies back to Earth.

Back on the Daily Planet, Perry explains the facts to Superman. Since he's fought ghosts before but he isn't an expert at investigating them, he has called in Mystery, Inc. Daphne asks if it could be a real ghost, and Lois Lane replies this is Metropolis, so it could be anything. Fred notes the alleged ghost showed up when Perry called his name and suggests White to try it again. Grudgingly, Perry does so, and the ghost reappears.

Superman confirms it's untouchable. Velma guesses it may be a projection or a hologram. Superman's x-rays scan the ghost and confirm it's made of electromagnetic waves. Superman traces those waves to their source: a miniaturized hologram projector sticked to the wall, with a fingerprint beloging to the Prankster.

The Prankster chooses that time to make his entrance. Superman lunges, but he just shatters a mirror reflecting the true Prankster's image, who proceeds to make his escape. Daphne and Fred rush behind him but fall into one of his traps and are showered with lead paint. Superman has gotten it with his jokes and grabs the Prankster, demanding to know what he is up to now. Prankster admits his real purpose was luring in the Man of Steel and giving him a lead-lined gift box. Worried, Superman gets everyone stand back while he opens the box and finds a piece of Red Kryptonite.

The Red-K turns Superman into a mindless monster. Shaggy and Scooby run away as Prankster just smiles.

Superman bursts through a wall and Prankster makes his getaway. He not only finds the situation insanely funny but also hopes Superman smashes through a few banks along the way, which to his eyes would mean easily-acquired loot.

Both the Daily Planet staff and the Scooby-Gang are shocked. Daphne suggests Jimmy to use his wristwatch to call Supergirl, but it's Krypto who answers the signal. Lois tells him to fetch a few things from the Fortress of Solitude, and Krypto flies to the Arctic and back, bringing two vials for Lois and Jimmy, as well as two costumes. The first vial is filled with magic lake water which once gave Lois temporary Superman-like powers, and the second vial contains a serum which gave Jimmy elastic powers once, too.

Lois and Jimmy go to get changed. In the meantime, Shaggy and Scooby leave their hiding place, see both vials, which they mistake for soda, and gulp them down. Shaggy gains the ability to stretch himself, and Scooby starts floating. Lois goes back, gathers they drank her and Jimmy's bottles, and declares they'll have to help stop Superman. Jimmy proposes to go over his fanclub's Headquarters in hopes that they have more Elastic Lad serum among their souvenirs while the rest of them go after the Prankster.

Scooby and Krypto -the latter carrying Shaggy- leave through the hole in the wall and start searching Superman. Fortunately, his trail of destruction is impossible to miss. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Velma are looking for a bottle of Elastic Lad serum among the artifacts of the Jimmy Olsen's Fan Club, but they find something even better.

On the streets, Shaggy accidentally bumps into Superman, who tosses him away. Krypto and Scooby circle around Superman to keep him distracted and contained.

Not far from there, Prankster is walking out of a wrecked bank he's just looted, and is stopped by Lois, Daphne and Fred. He thinks they aren't a threat to him, but the trio was only luring him into place. Prankster is knocked out by Shaggy, who was still bouncing off walls and ground after being thrown by Superman.

Meanwhile, Krypto and Scooby are still trying to keep Superman busy. Scooby wonders how long they can keep it up, but Krypto replies he guesses they're meant to steer Superman towards "those gorillas". Bemused, Scooby-Doo notices a pair of gorillas standing on the sidewalk.

Both gorillas turn out to be Jimmy and Velma in disguise. Their disguises surprised Superman long enough to catch him with a Red Sun Projector. Superman loses his powers and Krypto and Scooby wrap a lamppost around him so he stays put until the Red Kryptonite wears off and he's back to normal.

Later, the Daily Planet publishes the story. Lois grumbles Clark Kent was nowhere to be seen during the chaos, as usual. Shaggy is envious and wants to know how Clark does that. Clark winks an eye and replies maybe someday he'll find out.

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