Quote1 Sooner or later, this disease's going to kill me... but if I'm gonna die anyway, I'd rather it be here, where I can do some good. Quote2
-- Scott Fischer src


Scott Fischer is a member of the Doom Patrol who had a burning energy touch radiating from his hands. His powers stemmed from metahuman origins, and he also suffered from leukemia.

Doom Patrol

Fischer joined the Patrol to help get better control over his powers. At the time, the lineup consisted of the Chief, Celsius, Robotman, Negative Man, Tempest, Lodestone and Karma.


Despite the youth's heroism, he eventually succumbed to his illness and perished. He died during Invasion! when the massive Gene Bomb detonated by the Dominators wrecked havoc on his powers. This complicated his leukemia, and although many were bedridden he was the great weapon's only casualty.


  • Energy Projection: Scott Fischer has a burning aura coming from his hands that inflicts great pain on anyone he touches. This has been shown to be capable of varying intensities, sometimes smouldering and occasionally flaring up greatly.


  • Power Instability: As a consequence, he is forced to wear special gloves while not in action.
  • His official superhero codename is Blaze although he never actually uses it.



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