Quote1 The Chief saved our lives and gave us these powers so that we could make a difference. Quote2
-- Scorch src

Scotty Fischer was one of the members of the original incarnation of the Doom Patrol. Scotty was an honor student at his high school before he had an accident which threatened his life by turning him into a "human volcano". Niles Caulder, otherwise known as the Chief, saved his life and the lives of others in order to better mankind through their tragedy. However, Scotty along with his teammate Karma were murdered by Atomica and Johnny Quick. Scotty, specifically, was killed when Atomica shrunk down small enough to get into his head, kick his brain, and instantly kill him before he hit the ground. [1]


  • Energy Projection: A fiery kind of energy is constantly radiating from Scotty's skin making physical contact with him extremely dangerous. By removing his protective suit or gloves he can project this energy out for destructive blasts.[1]


  • Power Instability: Because of the nature of Scotty's ability he must wear a protective suit and remember to keep his radiation in check.[1]



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