Scott James Wells (b. July 4, 1961 – d.October 28, 2015) portrayed Lex Luthor for the first season of the series Superboy. With the second season he was replaced by Sherman Howard.

Pictured: Scott James Wells as Lex Luthor from an unspecified episode of Superboy

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Acting Credits

Superboy 1988-1992 Lex Luthor
     "The Jewel of the Techacal" October 8, 1988 Lex Luthor
     "The Fixer" November 26, 1988 Lex Luthor
     "Kryptonite Kills" January 28, 1989 Lex Luthor
     "Luthor Unleashed" May 27, 1989 Lex Luthor

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