Warmaker One is the leader of the Ultramarine Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Sawyer was one of four USMC officers who underwent experiments at the behest of US Air Force Gen. Wade Eiling, Scott Sawyer was exposed to the synthetic isotope Proteum, which transformed him into a being of pure energy. Donning a special suit, he became Warmaker One, the "human stealth fighter" and a founding member of the Ultramarine Corps, dedicated to the elimination of the Justice League. During their first mission, however, in which they retrieved the body of the Shaggy Man the Ultrmarines discovered that Gen. Eiling was dying, and had sent them to recover the body so that he could transfer his own mind into it. They also learned that their exposure to Proteum was slowly killing them, and so they turned on the General and helped the League subdue him.

Wishing to avoid further exploitation, the Ultramarines split from the US Military and set up Superbia, a floating city of the future, from which they recruited other heroes from around the world for a mission of global peacekeeping.

Years later, the Ultramarines fell under the control of Gorilla Grodd, who attempted to use them as living weapons to help him take over the world. During this debacle, Sawyer's Warmaker suit was broken apart, and Sawyer's consciousness was left free, which proved instrumental in twarting Grodd's plans. After Grodd's defeat, the Ultramarines were banished to the infant universe of Qwewq until they could prove that they had discipline.

Warmaker was most recently seen leading the Ultramarines in their efforts to ward off the Justifiers during the Final Crisis. These efforts were unsuccessful, however, and Superbia fell. The fate of Warmaker and his fellow Ultramarines has yet to be revealed.


  • Unique Physiology: Made of pure energy, Warmaker wears a suit of armor over his energy body. The suit allows flight and is loaded with an assortment of weapons effective against a great many metahumans.



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