Thunderhead was a member of the Young Heroes.

Scott Tucker aspired to be a musician, often playing the guitar. However, his hands began growing quickly. Soon his hands were too massive to play guitar in his band, so he had to quit. The change devastated him. To pay rent, he became a bouncer. His old drinking buddy Off-Ramp approached him about joining a new team, called Young Heroes. Scott chose the name Thunderhead as his identity.

Off-Ramp, Thunderhead, and longtime friend Monstergirl met on the roof of a building for the first meeting of Young Heroes. Hard Drive, Bonfire, and Junior arrived soon after. The newly-formed team piled into Roadshow, Off-Ramp's car. Using Off-Ramp's time-travelling abilities, the team was transported to the Arctic Circle in one second. There, the team met up with Frostbite , the seventh and final member of the team. Scott was interested in Bonfire immediately upon meeting her, and questioned Junior if he knew if Bonfire was dating Hard Drive. After encouragement from Off-Ramp, Scott asked Bonfire to go on patrol with him, and she accepted.




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