Sycla was born a 'Belter', one of the wild, forever brawling and partying inhabitants of the mining colonies in the asteroid belt. Raised on a mining colony on the asteroid Nevada VII by her Grammy Adaline, Scyla was left alone while still a child when Adaline died of breathing problems caused by a lifetime in the mines. Her last request was that Scyla should never work in the mines, so instead the girl made a new life for herself as a smuggler, one of the best pilots in the galaxy. Despite numerous brushes with the law, however, Scyla was at heart a hero, and eventually joined the Sun Devils in their mission to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the Sauroid Empire after meeting the driven former diplomat Rik Sunn. She formed a close relationship with the clone named Two, and when the Sun Devils' war was wone Scyla, Two and Two's clone brothers apparently intended to return to Sycla's former career as a smuggler.

Scyla's eventual fate is unknown, but decades later an older Rik Sunn traveled in pursuit of the Sun Devils' old foe Karvus Khun with a young woman named Sarique who was apparently her daughter. Dialogue between Sarique and Sunn seemed to suggest that Scyla was dead, though this remains unconfirmed.

Scyla chain smoked cigars, which seems odd given that she swore to her grandmother she'd never be a miner after the old woman developed terminal lung problems.



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