Scythe's story begins in World War II . On a covert mission, Flash and Green Lantern were sent to destroy "Project Drachen" in a lab in Libya. They discovered that Project Drachen was a baby of unknown origin. They argued over how to proceed, and in the end the view was expressed that the baby should not be killed.

The baby was apparently given to a black ops group so secret that even the other black ops groups don't know what it's called. His activities are unknown, but Scythe wound up in a facility in Afghanistan under armed guard. After five years here, he killed his captors and broke out. He then came to the city of Monument Point in the United States, and engaged in extreme property damage before being stopped by the Justice Society of America. During the multi-day engagement, Scythe broke Green Lantern's neck and battled the JSA to a standstill. A last ditch effort by Lightning finally defeated the monster. Scythe was the imprisoned in an "escape-proof" cell in a converted bank vault designed by failing super-genius, Mister Terrific. Shortly after, Scythe escaped during a visit from Green Lantern's enraged son, Obsidian. To prevent him from destroying the city again, Flash takes the battle with Scythe to the outskirts of the city. Flash is about to be killed when a recovered Green Lantern appears and defeats Scythe singlehandedly almost killing him in the process.




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