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Quote1.png The Crystal focuses mystical energies... and increases them! In my hands it will bring a galaxy to its knees... after it destroys you! Quote2.png
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Sden was an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Sden was a sorcerer from the galaxy of Trevevon, who conned the Legionnaires into bringing him the Crystal of Catastrophe, which would have enabled him to conquer the universe. However, Dream Girl caught on to the alien's sham, and the Legion in turn, fooled him by coating the Crystal with a Phosphorus film which burst into flames when Sden snatched it from Superboy's grasp. He was later taken to Takron-Galtos and held in a fire cage.


Vulnerability to Fire

  • "The Crystal of Catastrophe" that Sden sought-after, was the key to a dilemma in Superboy's first solo story in Adventure Comics #453.