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The Sea Devils are a team of deep sea adventurers and environmentalists.


They consist of Dane Dorrance, Biff Bailey, Judy Walton, Nicky Walton. In their career they battled sea monsters, vanquished aquatic villains, and discovered undersea kingdoms.

Outside of the primary four members of the Sea Devils, there was also an international charter of junior divers which included Mollo, Sikki and Miguel.

The Sea Devils later became as the de facto paramilitary guardians of Windward Home.[1]


Equipment: Assorted deep sea diving equipment; SCUBA tanks, wetsuits, flippers, goggles, etc. The Sea Devils also made use of a robot known as Neptimus.
Transportation: The Sea Devils' first vessel was known as the The Sea Witch. After the Sea Witch was destroyed, they eventually began using an upgraded vessel called the Flying Fish.
Weapons: Harpoon guns

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