Sea King is an evil version of Aquaman who hails from Earth 3 and is a member of the Crime Syndicate, Earth 3's equivalent of the Justice League.

Trinity War


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Sea King, along with the rest of the Crime Syndicate, escaped the destruction of their native Earth by using a portal created by the Outsider to travel to Prime Earth. Unfortunately, Sea King did not survive the journey and immediately died the moment he exited the portal.

Forever Evil


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The Crime Syndicate dumped their fallen comrades in the middle of the ocean. After sinking to the bottom, Sea King suddenly awakened. During the Crime Syndicate's initial attack, Deadman entered the lifeless Sea King's body for protection. By entering, he no longer knew who he was and began attacking his teammates when they came looking for him. John Constantine was able to break Sea King's conscience hold on Deadman, though he locked him in the body, seeing it as useful in their plans to defeat the Crime Syndicate.




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