The Sea Wolf is an entity that feeds on souls who is an enemy of Aquaman.

The Sea Wolf can assume the form of the first soul it captures. While possessing a person's soul and adopting that person's form, Sea Wolf periodically reminds himself of his human identity and how long it has been since he died. In addition, the Sea Wolf goes through life consumed by rage, hunger, and self-pity. Twenty-seven years ago, the Sea Wolf first gained the soul of Lawrence Huff. From then on, Sea Wolf would occasionally have an insatiable hunger for a new soul and would hunt for one. For this reason, Sea Wolf became an occasional mercenary; however, he would only accept an assignment when his hunger struck. Sea Wolf hunted and collected dozens of souls before encountering Aquaman.

Some sea life had discovered the body of Sea Wolf's most recent kill, Albert Munson. They notified Aquaman, who decided to track down and confront the killer. Aquaman had Topo use his tentacles to make it seem as if Albert Munson's body was animated and heading for "Lawrence," scaring the criminal enough that he fell over the edge of his boat. When the human-bodied "Lawrence" fell into the sea, he transformed into his monstrous Sea Wolf form and began to attack Aquaman in a rage. When Aquaman learns that Sea Wolf is already dead, he stabs the creature in the chest. As a result, the dozens of captured souls are freed and allowed to pass on, including the soul of Lawrence Huff. Aquaman allows the Sea Wolf's body to sink and leaves the body of Albert Munson on the Sea Wolf's ship for authorities to find.

Later, it is revealed that when the Sea Wolf's body is "killed" and the trapped souls are freed, the Sea Wolf entity is able to cling onto the most recently acquired soul, starting a new cycle of soul-capturing. Sea Wolf is shown to have possessed the body of Albert Munson that Aquaman had left on Sea Wolf's ship.[1]

Sea Wolf is later shown to be a member of The Society during the events of Infinite Crisis.[2]


  • Possession: The Sea Wolf is an entity that possesses the souls of the people it's killed and assumes their forms.
  • Soul Capturing: When Sea Wolf kills someone, he captures that person's soul. The soul resides within Sea Wolf's body, until Sea Wolf is killed.
  • Resurrection: When Sea Wolf is killed, he revives by clinging onto the last soul he captured and taking on that person's form. When he does so, he refers to himself as that person, in name, until he is killed again and the cycle resets.
  • Lycanthropy: The Sea Wolf is an entity whose physical body has the ability to transform into a special type of werewolf who is able to survive in the sea. Being immersed in water automatically triggers the transformation.
    • Amphibian: The Sea Wolf is a werewolf that can breathe underwater.
    • Superhuman Strength: The Sea Wolf was able to engage in physical combat with Aquaman for a time.
    • Claws: The Sea Wolf has sharp claws, which serve as its primary weapons.
    • Fangs: In addition to his claws, the Sea Wolf also posses sharp fangs.


  • The earliest person known to have been killed and possessed by Sea Wolf is Lawrence Huff, but given that the Sea Wolf's cycle of soul-capturing renews each time he is killed, it is possible that cycles existed before Lawrence, meaning that Sea Wolf could have had a long history of possessions.



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