During the first half of the 1940s, Seafarer became active as a costumed adventurer. At the same time, she was in a homosexual relationship with the leather-clad heroine Midnight Rider. This relationship was ultimately caught on camera by an overzealous photographer, whose paper ran with the story.[1] Eventually, Seafarer was targeted for the Number of the Beast program, and placed in suspended animation, alongside Midnight Rider. While in their system, she joined the Paladins.

After sixty years later, Seafarer escaped with the rest of her teammates due to the efforts of the High.[2] In the wake of Armageddon, Seafarer remained with the Paladins in helping what is left of Earth and had participated in the planet's battle against the Knights of Khera. Following the latter event, Seafarer recently joined the Savant Garde in tracking down any ancient relics that could be used as power sources.



  • According to some file notes, the officers in charge of the NOTB program placed her and Seafarer in the system to see if the pressure of the end of the world would be enough to make them stop being lesbians.[1]



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