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Sean Kelvin was a student at Smallville High and member of the football team.

At a party by Crater Lake, Sean fell through the ice. The bottom of the lake was full of meteor rock, which, combined with the freezing temperature of the water, mutated Sean's body. Trying to warm himself by a leftover camp fire caused him to drain the fire of its heat, turning it into ice.

Desperate to keep his body temperature up, Sean eventually killed his girlfriend, by absorbing her body heat, and went after Chloe as his next target. Clark was able to save her, but Sean got away. Later, Sean tried to go after Lana, but was again stopped by Clark Kent. However, Sean was able to drain Clark of his body heat and freeze him.

Sean headed to Luthor Mansion, looking for more victims, but was stopped once more by Clark (whose full body heat Sean had failed to absorb). During the battle, Clark threw Sean into a nearby lake, which caused the lake to freeze and trapped Sean in ice.


  • Cryokinesis: Sean's able to completely drain an object of heat, causing them to freeze to ice. He was able to do this do people and large bodies of water.


  • Sean wasn't immune to his own power, needing to constantly absorb more heat to keep himself from freezing. He was also unable to control his powers, causing him to freeze a lake, after he'd fallen into it.

  • Sean Kelvin was portrayed by Michael Coristine.
  • Smallville #8 shows Sean (still encased in ice) having been acquired by Donovan Jamison for experiments. However, the comic might not be canon, as Jamison died in it, but was shown alive in season 6.[1] Some tie-in material was not canon to the main show.[2][3]



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